Active Members as at October 11, 2021

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Ser. Prefix First Name Last Name Designation Organization Title
1 Mr Yeashkark Allen   itel Group Senior Director
2   Robert Amore   Bank of Jamaica Armorer
3 Mr Damion Ayton PSP Guardsman Commercial Manager
4 Mr Noel Bacquie   Betting, Gaming and Lotteries Commission Director
5 Mr Linval Bailey PSP Kingston Freeport Terminal Ltd Duty Manager
6 Ms Georgia Bailey-Masters   Wisynco Assistant Security Coordiator
7 Mr Wayne Ballen CPP, PCI, PSP Wisynco Group Limited Security Manager
8 Ms Lenox Barrett   KingAlarm Systems Systems/Project Coordinator
9   Trevor Bartley   Bank of Jamaica Deputy Shift Commander
10 Mr Dwayne Battick   MS Tech Solutions Limited Head Portfolio Development and Innovation
11 Mr Ricardo Bennett   Kingston Wharves Ltd. Security Coordinator
12 Mr Basil Bewry CPP, PCI, PSP Forensic Polygraph Services CEO
13 Mr Damion Black   Urban Development Corporation Director, Corporate Security
14 Mr Trevor Brae, JP   Wisynco Group Ltd. Operations Shift Manager
15 Mr Andrew Broderick CPP, PCI, PSP Tactical Solutions Ltd Chief Executive Officer
16 Mr Christopher Brown   Ministry of National Security Inspector
17 Mr Christopher Brown PCI Ministry of National Security Deputy Superintendent of Police
18   Jevan Brown   Guardsman Security Limited Captain
19 Ms Jodian Brown PSP Heart Trust/NTA Security Coordinator
20 Ms Norma Brown   Ministry of National Security Senior Director
21 Mr Sunil Bunsee   Guardsman Ltd General Manager - West
22 Ms Aldean Campbell   Firearm Licensing Authority Director
23   Andrea Campbell   Bank of Jamaica Deputy Shift Commander
24 Mr Karim Campbell   Guardsman Group Ltd. Location Manager
25 Ms Michelle Karen Campbell   Ministry of National Security Deputy Superintendent of Police
26 Ms Nickola Campbell   Allied Protection Limited Marketing Officer
27 Mr Radcliffe Campbell   Bank of Jamaica Shift Commander
28 Mr Chadd Chambers   Victoria Mutual Group Security & Safety Manager
29 Ms Brittania Cheese   University of the West Indies Student
30 Mr Charles Chin Fah En   Jamaica Broilers Group Security Manager
31 Ms Tracey-Anne Chung   TC Security Management Principal Consultant
32 Mrs Carleen Clacken-Reid   Jamaica Special Economic Zone Authority (JSEZA) Security Supervisor
33 Ms Charnaine Clarke   Jamaica Constabulary Force Detective Sergeant
34   Devon Clarke   Bank of Jamaica Shift Commander
35 Mr Everrick Clarke      
36 Mr Samuel Cohen   Ministry of National Security Director
37 Ms Danielia Crawford   Jamaica Defence Force Military Officer
38 Mr David Crooks PSP AIM Security Ltd Owner/Managing Director
39 Mr Dain Daley   Fortinet Inc. Systems Engineer
40 Mr Linton Deer   Security and Advisory Management Services Security Supervisor
41 Mrs Audrienne Deitrich-Stewart   Jamaica Broilers Group Security Administrator
42 Mr Byron Denninson   Ministry of National Security Police Officer
43 Mr Martin Dohnal   The Security Centre Ltd. Account Supervisor
44 Ms Nichelle Duncan PSP Police (Civilian) Oversight Authority Manager, Implementation & Monitoring
45 Mr Paul Dunn   Guardsman Group Limited Security Consultant
46 Mr Deryck Dwyer   Continental Baking Company Security Manager
47 Mr Maurice Edwards   University of Technology, Jamaica Electronic Security Technician
48 Mr Otis Fender PSP S&D Security & Alarms Service Manager
49 Mr David Francis PSP Professional Transportation Services Ltd CEO/MD
50   Nicholas Francis   Bank Of Jamaica Deputy Shift Commander
51 Mr Kimarty Frater   Allied Protection Ltd Acting Zone Manager
52 Mr Kevin Garvey   Jamaica Elect Security Services Director
53 Mr Gregory Gayle   n/a retired
54 Mr Abrahem Ghazarian   The Security Centre Ltd. General Manager
55 Mr Michael Gordon   Sagicor Group Jamaica Limited Group Security Manager
56 Mr Shane Gordon   Self employ Partnership
57 Mr Richard Graham   CB foods Security and Compliance Officer
58 Mrs Maxine Grant-Sterling   Bank of Jamaica Senior Operations Officer
59 Mr Garth Gray CPP, PCI, PSP Guardsman Group Ltd. Director of Operations
60 Ms Latoya Greaves   Ministry of National Security Inspector, Standards and Procedures
61 Mr Peter Hall PCI MBJ Airports Limited Chief Operating Officer/Security Manager
62 Mr Clive Harris   Jamaica Defence Force Warrant Class 2
63 Mr Paul Haughton      
64 Mr Kingsley Henry   Jamaica Customs Agency Director Cargo Imaging(i.c. Security)
65 Ms Tarrant Henry   Sutherland Global Services Facility Security Officer
66 Mr Garfield Hogg PSP The Bank of Nova Scotia Manager Protective Services
67 Mr Michael Jackson CPP, PCI, PSP Hawkeye Regional Operations Manager
68 Ms Alexcia James   MBJ Airports Limited IT Technician
69 Mr Richard Johnson PCI, PSP Tryall Golf Club Loss Prevention & Safety Manager
70   Radcliffe Jonas   Bank of Jamaica  
71 Mr Marlon Kennedy   Jamaica Defence Force Major
72 Mr Andrew Lamb   J Wray and Nephew Limited Senior EHS Specialist
73 Mr Javane Lawrence      
74 Mr James Lechler   Stewarts Automotive Group Security Mgr
75 Mr Leslie Leckie CPP   Police Inspector (Retired)
76 Mr St. Auburn Lewis   Kingston Freeport Terminal Limited Security Manager
77   Steven Lewis   Bank of Jamaica Shift Commander
78   Clifton Lumsden   Bank of Jamaica Director, Protective Services
79   Laird Martin   Bank of Jamaica Deputy Shift Commander
80 Mr Collin McCalla CPP J.Wray & Nephew Loss Prevention Manager
81 Mr Warren McKay      
82 Ms Maria McLean   Security Centre Director of Security Services
83 Mr Euken Mills CPP Eclectic Security Services Limited Managing Director
84 Mr Brandon Mitchell   Ministry of Economic Growth & Job Creation Transport & Security Manager
85 Mr Peter Morris      
86 Dr Kevin Morrison PSP Self Employed Security Consultant
87 Mr Lawrence Nelson PSP Vanguard Security Chief Administrator
88 Mr James Pair   Trident Security Group Managing Director
89 Mr Henry Palmer   Ranger Protection Services Ltd banker
90 Mr Michael Panton   Guardsman Security Ltd Project Manager
91 Mrs Kemika Panton-Green   Itel International Security Health and Safety Executive
92 Mrs Kerry-Ann Pearson   MBJ Airport Security Coordinator
93 Mr Zavian Phipps   Jamaica Defence Force Major
94 Mr Carlos Pipher CPP, PCI, PSP Port Authority of Jamaica Security Screener
95 Mr Desmond Pringle   Jamaica Customs Agency Security Vetting Officer
96 Mr Murphy Pryce   Jamaica Defence Force Commanding Officer
97 Mr Jay Ratchford   The Security Centre Ltd. Senior Team Leader - Special Services
98 Mr Richard Reese   Allied Protection Ltd Security, Risk and emergency Management Consultant
99 Mr Lorenzo Reid PSP Ministry of Finance and the Public Service Manager - Security, Safety, Emergency and Disaster Management
100 Ms Tania Rhoden CPP, PSP Guardsman Alarms Limited Central Station Manager
101   Clifton Richards   Bank of Jamaica Deputy Shift Commander
102 Mr John Richards CPP, PCI, PSP Jamaica Broilers Group Group Security Executive
103 Ms Merna Riley   Jamaica Defence Force Captain
104 Mr Ian Roberts PSP Developing Assets Protection Strategies Managing Director
105 Mr Jason Robinson PSP Rxessentials Limited Operations Manager
106 Mr Richard Robinson PSP Guardsman Ltd Operations Manager
108 Mr Roderick Rowe      
109 Mr Conroy Samuda   The Security Centre Ltd. Account Supervisor
110 Ms Georgia Sanderson   Security Administrators Limited CCTV Supervisor
111 Mr Richard Saunders   New Day Aluminum (Jamaica) Ltd. Chief Security Officer
112 Ms Suzanne Scarlett PSP HEART Trust/NTA Safety & Security Manager
113 Ms Astrid Scott-Beckford PSP Quest Security Services Limited Assistant General Manager
114 Mr Paul Sergeant   Prime Sports Jamaica Limited Security Supervisor
115 Mr Kensley Shay   Ministry of National Security Police Corporal
116 Mrs Shanna Shirley PSP Guardsman Alarms Technical Manager
117 Mr Michael Simms   Supreme ventures Limited Asst. Security Manager
118 Mr Javan Simpson PCI Urban Development Corporation Corporate Security Manager
119 Mr Richard Simpson   Hawkeye Security and Electronics Zone Chief
120 Mr Yohann Simpson   Jamaica Defence Force Major
121 Mr Oswald Smiley CPP    
122 Mr Romeo Sommerville, PFSO   Caribbean Maritime University Security Assurance Co-ordinator
123 Mr Ewan Sparkes PCI, PSP Bank of Jamaica Investigations Manager
124 Ms Francine Staple PSP United Nations Security Consultant
125 Mr Shane Stephenson   Marksman Ltd Site Security Manager
126 Ms Tameka Stewart   Jamaica Defence Force Commissioned Officer
127 Mr Keron Thomas PCI, PSP Jamaica Broilers Group Security Manager
128 Ms Devon Thompson   J. Wray and Nephew Security Specialist
129 Mr Orville Thompson   Supreme Ventures Limited Security Surveillance Manager
130 Mr William Thwaites   Guardsman Group Ltd. Area Manager - Kingston
131 Mr Peter Van Whervin   Guardsman General Manager
132 Mr Courtney Wallace CPP, PSP    
133 Ms Deneal Walters PSP The University of the West Indies Administrative Officer & Campus Police Officer
134   Davene Watson   Bank of Jamaica Shift Commander
135 Mr Selbourne Webb CPP E-FAST Director
136 Mr Jonathan Wemyss-Gorman   CIBC FirstCaribbean Intl Bank Director Corporate Security
137 Mr Vivion Whitelock PSP Atlas Protection Limited Senior Operations Manager
138 Mrs Jennica Williams   MICKWADE Security Services Company Limited Security Manager
139 Mr Leo Williams Sr   Allied Protection Limited Chairman
140   Peta-Gaye Williams   Bank of Jamaica  
141 Mr Israel Wilson   Tastee Limited Constable
142 Mr Andrew Witham   British High Commission - Jamaica Post Security Manager
143 Mr marvin wright   guardsman security limited team leader
144 Mr Andrew Wynter   PICA Senior Director Investigations and Surveillance